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Negative Documentary?

I found a trailer for a documentary called "TALL GIRLS - A Story Of Giants" on youtube and I'm a little unsettled about the message it's perpetuating. At one point a doctor says a women could never be happy with a body size of 190cm (roughly 6'3"). I'm 6'3" and perfectly happy with my body.

I don't know if I'm reading this the wrong way, but does anyone else find this offensive? For the most part the women interviewed seem to be self-deprecating.


Yeah I see what you mean rapturaa, what a strange documentary. I sort of understand what these women are saying because it is hard to be different but at the same time I don't really understand what these women don't like about being tall. Maybe its because I am only 5'11 but I would not mind at all being that height. I am generally a quiet person and I wouldn't mind people remembering me because I was that tall. The author is talking about how tall women are statistically alone more because they have lower birth rates? I took a look at the film makers website and she did mean "Statistically, tall women ...are less likely to marry than shorter ones." The trailer was just sloppily put together it seems, because what do low birthrates have to do with finding someone? This may be a sign that the trailer doe not accurately portray the movie. And the other women in the trailer just don't seem to like people staring but people don't stare disapprovingly or think they are ugly its because they are not average. I know I have had some casual glance or a conversation started by an especially chatty person about being tall and of course what sports I played but it just seems so harmless. They don't think I am somehow deficient in anyway shape or form just not something they encounter in real life very often.

I just don't understand where the filmmaker is coming from. Maybe if she does this movie from a feminist perspective it would make more sense. She is only focusing on very tall women and not men. She also grew up in Germany in the 1970's and I think she would be a good bridge to show what society back then expected from women in terms of height, femininity, and other criteria. While comparing it with societies standards now. Has society become more forgiving or are we just making the same mistakes, and tall women are paying the price? I cant say this enough but I don't understand where she is coming from! Is she simply providing an account of what it's like for women who don't like their height, or has she found a group of women who are tall like her and who also had bad experiences because of their height. She has found people and evidence that is stated on her website and quickly mentioned in the trailer there are enough people unhappy with their height to get surgery or take hormones. But I just think its a rather biased documentary heavily influenced by her bad experiences growing up. These women do seem self-deprecating and something about this trailer doesn't sit right. Hopefully it will be more along the lines of what do tall women think about are their lives. Are they happy if so then why? Are they unhappy with their lives because they are tall, why are they unhappy? Maybe the full movie will provide a more balanced view.

I think a documentary trailer more like this one would better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UgV4VrkRGQ&feature=player_embedded . Its not the best analogous situation but it shows that these people are being true to who they are by making this transition and yeah their life is going to be tough but it just shows their lives as they are and not only depressing story blurbs and damming statistics. There is a sense of hope present here by these transgendered people simply living their lives to the best of their ability that isn't present in the tall women trailer.

I do think the part on the website where she says "I discovered a strange sub-universe in which ... men create websites to indulge their passions for the feet and hands of especially tall women" is a little funny. I think its funny because how she seems to think porn about tall women is strange or very telling. Maybe it does show how height does set us apart from average women but there is always something to set a person apart. If there is niche porn for women sitting on cakes, being wrapped in plastic, or (insert your ethnicity here) porn then its hard to see how erotic images about tall women provide some sort of commentary about society as a whole or just tall women in general. ARG again! Trailer you need to be more clear about what you are trying to find or prove because I don't know!

Wow I just wrote an essay. TL;DR dam trailer you stupid.
You went detective cat on the situation MUCH more than I did, haha. I agree that such a topic would be much better presented in a feminist framework. Hopefully the actual film will differ from the trailer, and the filmmaker does include a comparison of her experiences in the 1970's vs. the tall atmosphere today.

The trailer might just illustrate a cultural difference in perspective?
I felt terrible that the 12 year old went through surgery. :( I was her height when I was twelve but stopped growing at 5'10" (~177cm). Who's to say she really would have kept growing?

I don't find it necessarily offensive, but it does seem to cast tall women almost as freaks instead of regular people which I don't much care for.

Right now I'm having a seriously hard time finding a significant other because of my height and other reasons so this just kind of bummed me out. If the gorgeous model is having trouble getting dates, where does that leave me, heh.
Thanks for this! It completely slipped my mind until I saw your recent post. Yep, I'm on a never-ending quest to find a boyfriend! I definitely love my height (when I was 8 I read that Gina Davis was 6 foot tall and made reaching that height my life goal lol) and stand tall, it's just men that for some reason feel threatened by my height. One of these days I'll find someone that loves it as much as I do.
I agree with k_peacii-- don't let height be a defining factor in a potential partner. I definitely understand where you're coming from with that fear because I also prefer to have partners who are taller than me, but they seem to be few and far between.
Thank you! Yep, they sure do, I find that I'm usually the tallest person in a building, and I'm only 5'10"! I think we like to breed the height out of our people in Northern California. :)

Height in my partner isn't the problem at all, it's that potential partners have a problem with my height.
I find it disturbing that the young European girls are willing to undergo surgery just so they won't grow too tall. I'm 6'0 tall and have never really given it any thought after high school, just decided that I wanted to wear the platform shoes everyone else was wearing and didn't care that they put me well over 6'. I still feel the same way.
Gosh, so did I! The only thing that really reduced the height of the heels I wear was back problems after having a couple of kids! Now, I stick to around 3-4cm heels rather than the 10cm ones I used to rock! (I'm 179cm tall)
I seem to be the only one, but honestly, I understand how these girls feel. All of those short girls seem to abound with dates. Us tall girls don't. They can wear anything and look adorable, but us? Put on a frill or a bit of lace, and we look like drag queens. When people tell me with envy, "I wish I was tall," what they really mean is "I wish I was 5'8"," not 6' like me. They don't want to have to special order all of their pants and shoes, and to tower over everyone. They don't want to have to worry about any extra fat, because although we can take a bit of extra and not show it, on the other hand, people are always looking. Plus, a roly-poly short girl can put on a babydoll dress and look adorable, but a 6' tall, round girl can look like nothing but a monster.
I think our definition of "short" is skewed the same way, though. If the average American woman is 5'4" (using the US as a base here because that's where I live and what I know) and says "I wish I was tall" and means 5'8", well, technically that's still tall, so she's not completely out of line (although I have no pity at all for her ease of finding pants).

I've caught myself thinking over the years that life would be so much easier if I was short, but I'd probably mean 5'6", maybe 5'2", certainly not below 5'0" (OMG crowds! I'd get crushed! I'd never be able to see!). Making some friends who were 4'11" and 4'6" in college really helped me put some perspective on that - here I was a whole foot taller than average, and they were off by a smaller difference in the opposite direction and had very similar issues. Or different issues, but similar magnitude. On the dating front, they'd attract lots of guys who were looking to be protective and date this tiny fragile creature, and sometimes they didn't deal well with girls with a large personality. In their careers, it was a real struggle to be taken seriously because they looked so young.

Sorry - longer than I planned, but I guess what I'm getting at is that we're all looking at average from different directions, and it's easy to see the other side of average as closer to the middle than they really are.
The line from the About the Film part of the website "Lisa is 16 and 6’6“ and could become a professional basketball player if she tried hard enough, but she would rather be a proper girl" bugged me. Who says you can't be both?

I do know where they're coming from - I'm very comfortable with my height now but I was a lot more sensitive about it when I was younger, and I can see the dilemma faced by the tall moms of tall girls: if you're happy in your current state but remember the teenage struggles, and you have access to new procedures (however invasive) that might make your daughter's life easier, do you try them, or do you hope that she comes to terms with her natural height?

It's an interesting concept/subject, but I'm with you - they seem to be playing the freak card a little more than I would prefer.
This trailer gives me the impression that: 1) I would be interested in watching this documentary, but, 2) I might not like the message it conveys. I have to agree that something about it just doesn't feel right, but it could be an advertising/marketing trick to get people to see what it's all about. Surprisingly, I had not heard the statistics presented on taller women and children born. I have to wonder what the threshold for "tall women" is in that scenario. I should like to think it's because tall women are more confident, more aware of their worth and capability, and thus more likely to be dedicated and successful career-women :-)