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madmogs in tall

Sleeves! uh, help?

Hi all.

Newbie here, 5 ft 11 tall woman from the UK, and it's coming to the time of year when clothes shopping goes from hard to nigh impossible.

There are a few places in the uk that have figured out long trousers now (though I have trouble as most of them don't do plus size); what there don't seem to be are many places where I can buy tops, coats and knitwear that don't leave an awkward inch of wrist poking out of the end. So far it's Long Tall Sally and ... well, that's it.

A lot of my workwear is starting to get quite shabby, and I need warm, smart, non-dowdy replacements. Or failing that, anything with sleeves that are proper long sleeves, as my casual wardrobe is also slightly foxed.

Fellow uk tall women, where do you go? all suggestions gratefully received!


River Island Tall will sort you out with some uninspiring but office suitable trousers (buy online and go up one size bigger than normal), Next Tall wide leg trousers may fit as well if you're pear shaped. If you can get to a discount outlet you can clear it out.

Per Una at M&S is actually really good sleeve wise for smart jumpery things, as are BHS (although shop carefully for good quality). Jackets - it's only LTS since Topshop got rid of their smart tall range.
Thank you!

I haven't had much luck with M&S in the past, but I'll give it a try as I don't know that I've tried Per Una specifically. And I'd have never have thought of BHS in a million years, as I always assumed they had an older and hence shorter customer base.
Per Una has a tall length for skirts and their tops can be very long in the sleeve. I think BHS is for old people, but they must get lots of their stuff made abroad as their sizing is very weird. Try it all on!