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Feb. 3rd, 2012


(no subject)

  • Your name: Beauty_Junky
  • Age-ish:  29 
  • Occupation: Media 
  • (sigh) How tall are you?  5'10 
  • What are your favorite places to buy clothes? Mango and Zara
  • What's the most fabulous thing about being tall? You can put on weight and still look slim! 

Jan. 7th, 2012

Mosquito Squadron


Hi all

  • Your name: kanders07   
  • Age-ish: 50 ish
  • Occupation: teacher
  • (sigh) How tall are you?  5'11 1/2"
  • What are your favorite places to buy clothes? Lane Bryant
  • What's the most fabulous thing about being tall? Being able to reach things for elderly people.

Nov. 28th, 2011



You guys were featured, so I joined. This is me.

  • Your name:Cait
  • Age-ish:23
  • Occupation:Lowly fast food slave.
  • (sigh) How tall are you? either 5'7 or 5'8 depending on who you ask.
  • What are your favorite places to buy clothes?everywhere. I don't have alot of sizing issues, just with pants. I like Old Navy's jeans.
  • What's the most fabulous thing about being tall? People think that because I'm taller than them that I'm   tougher than them, so no one messes with me XD
I'd also like to say that this group is an amazing idea, since i've been insecure about being taller than most of my peers for my whole life.

Nov. 15th, 2011



Photoshopping out the height

joansies post has just reminded me about that Sandra Bullock film 'The Proposal'.
Take a look at the artwork:

She's 6'0", he's 6'2"

How is that ever 2 inches? Stupid Hollywood ideals. If I lived by this rule I would only ever have dated 2 guys.

Nov. 8th, 2011

devil pinup


(no subject)

Your name: Bri

Age-ish: 23

Occupation: Accounting-type work at a grocery store

(sigh) How tall are you? 6 foot even

What are your favorite places to buy clothes? I buy all my pants at Vanity, they're the only place around here that sells jeans with a 37" inseam that are also small in the waist that also aren't super expensive.  Shirts I have no problem finding. 

What's the most fabulous thing about being tall? I really don't like being tall, I get asked too often "Do you play basketball?" and it gets tiring.  It's also disappointing to not be able to wear high heels like most other girls or else I get nasty looks.  (Thankfully my boyfriend is 6'9, so I don't look too weird next to him).  I guess the most fabulous thing is that I can get stuff off the top shelf and I can see over all the short people out there. 

Nov. 7th, 2011


It's been busy around these parts lately :)

Your name: Sarah
Age-ish: 45
Occupation: something indescribably dull involving IT infrastructure
(sigh) How tall are you? 6'2" - 1.88m
What are your favorite places to buy clothes?All the usual places for the tall British lady (LTS, DottyP, Tallgirls for shoes), plus I make clothes for myself when I need something in particular and I can't find it on the high street. 
What's the most fabulous thing about being tall? I've yet to find something I don't like bar the constant search for tights that don't make me feel like a penguin. The best is when I'm with friends who are just as tall and we amaze passers-by with our Amazonian awesomeness.

Nov. 6th, 2011



(no subject)

Greetings Tall community,

My name is Doug and I'm 7'1" 306lbs,

I usually buy clothes at J.C. Penny or Kingsize. I really hate shopping for clothes in general. So-called Big and Tall stores are usually more into the "Big" than the Tall. And the usual selection can be divided into three general categories: Old men, Westernware, or Sammy Hagar. J.C. Penny's St. Johns Bay is my favorite style.

One of the things that has bothered me about being really tall, (besides, cars, doors, beds, chairs, toilets, urinals, clothes, airplanes, ceiling fans, and desks) is that is was very hard for me to be taken seriously professionally. People see you as an oddity or liability and I had to work twice as hard to be prove myself and be respected in my chosen fields. Now I am a force to be reckoned with, but it took me a long time to get there.

Doug Kosik


Hey tall people

Are you currently in a relationship with another tall person? Short person? Average person?

I'm 6'3 and my wife is 5'6.
HTTYD - Toothless Smile!


Another member thanks to LJ featuring!

Your name: Stephanie or Juliet. One's my real name, one's my penname. I answer to both.
Age-ish: 26... eeeh.
Occupation: 3rd year osteopathic medical student. =)
(sigh) How tall are you? 6'1".
What are your favorite places to buy clothes? Jeans: Alloy, Delia's, Buckle, JC Penney. Dress clothes: NY & Co, Banana Republic, JCrew, Gap. Casual clothes: Urban Outfitters, Zara's, Anthropologie, Free People, Apartstyle, Filene's Basement, Express, Modcloth, and ASOS. Shoes: Zappos. Thank CHEESE for Zappos.
What's the most fabulous thing about being tall? Being able to gain or lose 20 lbs and still be able to fit into the same pair of pants.


Hihihihi! I'm (well...tall.)

LJ featured the community & I obediently joined :) The profile page says to introduce myself so (well, read on but) I am!

  • Your name: JILLIAN
  • Age-ish: 29-ish
  • Occupation: Online Marketer - that's right. Often accused of spam as a mom is often accused of being a bad cook. BUT I GIVE GOOD LINKAGE!
  • (sigh) How tall are you? depending on the doctor's office? 5'8 - 5'10.5. so....I split the diff. I'm 5'9. (once got measured at 5'7. i had to advise them to update their equipment. i haven't been 5'7 since 8th grade.)
  • What are your favorite places to buy clothes?  I buy online. Alloy for casual jeans & longelegantlegs.com for business-y stuff. (inseam 37')
  • What's the most fabulous thing about being tall? (1) intimidating girls who are....less than polite and (2) reaching things on the top shelf for seniors

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