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tall's Journal

We're Tall People
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Are you tall?
Are you tired of hotel shower heads aimed at your belly button? Are you sick of everyone complementing you on your hot new capri pants that weren't really supposed to be capri pants? Are you amazed at the cars some people drive, the bus seats you're supposed to fit into? Do you feel funny in bathroom stalls because when you stand up, everyone can see your head?

And finally, are you sick and tired of everyone asking you if you play basketball?

Then this is the place for you! Way to be tall!

Anyone can join this community... we're not setting a height requirement or anything :) Just jump in and say hello, we're happy to meet you.

We talk a lot about clothes in here, because let's face it, nobody can find anything to wear. If you find a store that sells good clothes in tall sizes, please tell us about it! If you buy an outfit that just fits you great, describe it to us and tell us where you got it. You might also check out our list of memorable posts for help in the clothing search... I try to keep track of things as they come up.

When you first join the community, we'd love it if you'd say hello and tell us some things about yourself!

  • Your name:
  • Age-ish:
  • Occupation:
  • (sigh) How tall are you?
  • What are your favorite places to buy clothes?
  • What's the most fabulous thing about being tall?

Aside from that, no major rules or guidelines, except the normal ones (be nice, share, cover your mouth if you sneeze, avoid cross-posting, don't leave dishes in the sink).

If you have feedback for us or advice about making tall a better place to be, please let us know here.

Links & stuff

How tall are you? This tells you where you're at compared with the general population.

National Marfan Foundation Genetic disorder affecting about 1 in 5000 people

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