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rapturaa in tall

Negative Documentary?

I found a trailer for a documentary called "TALL GIRLS - A Story Of Giants" on youtube and I'm a little unsettled about the message it's perpetuating. At one point a doctor says a women could never be happy with a body size of 190cm (roughly 6'3"). I'm 6'3" and perfectly happy with my body.

I don't know if I'm reading this the wrong way, but does anyone else find this offensive? For the most part the women interviewed seem to be self-deprecating.


I felt terrible that the 12 year old went through surgery. :( I was her height when I was twelve but stopped growing at 5'10" (~177cm). Who's to say she really would have kept growing?

I don't find it necessarily offensive, but it does seem to cast tall women almost as freaks instead of regular people which I don't much care for.

Right now I'm having a seriously hard time finding a significant other because of my height and other reasons so this just kind of bummed me out. If the gorgeous model is having trouble getting dates, where does that leave me, heh.
Thanks for this! It completely slipped my mind until I saw your recent post. Yep, I'm on a never-ending quest to find a boyfriend! I definitely love my height (when I was 8 I read that Gina Davis was 6 foot tall and made reaching that height my life goal lol) and stand tall, it's just men that for some reason feel threatened by my height. One of these days I'll find someone that loves it as much as I do.
I agree with k_peacii-- don't let height be a defining factor in a potential partner. I definitely understand where you're coming from with that fear because I also prefer to have partners who are taller than me, but they seem to be few and far between.
Thank you! Yep, they sure do, I find that I'm usually the tallest person in a building, and I'm only 5'10"! I think we like to breed the height out of our people in Northern California. :)

Height in my partner isn't the problem at all, it's that potential partners have a problem with my height.