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dispatch box

despatch_boxing in tall

Hello all! I have a question for tall ladies (if you're about) on the buying of shoes.

Basically I'm a UK size 9 foot (US ladies 11), and I'm looking for stylish flat-soled in unusual colours or designs. Most of the shoe shops I know that include some size 9 styles tend only to do them in black or beige, and in banal classic shapes, but I want ... oh, I dunno, a pair of bright red Mary Janes or something. Or teal, something a bit unusual.

Any suggestions? My budget is unfortunately small, and I have a pretty narrow foot, so the shoes in places like Evans are completely out of the question.


zappos.com, shoelines.com, and women within all have really good shoe and boot selections in large sizes. I like WW because they cater to larger women so they carry the big sizes.
Thank you!

Do any of those have bricks and mortar stores? I'm in the US later this year and prefer to try things on in person.
I don't think Zappos does. You could try Avenue- they are a plus size store that carries a lot of large size shoes. They're very seasonal so you may get some real good prices on winter stuff as well as spring stuff.

Zappos has outlet stores (I believe all in Las Vegas), but nothing with anything approaching the selection you see online. Also, you have 365 days to return, which might take the edge off of any international shipping costs/delay.

You also might try finding a brand you like based on their color/style selection on Zappos (or similar site), and then searching through the brand's site for brick and mortar stores. For instance, Steve Madden is usually good for some fun colors (and some wacky prints) in flats, and they make size 11. I know you can get them at Nordstrom Rack in the US, but if you e-mail them they might be able to give you other options. I don't know how they are for narrow feet, though.

I highly recommend Nordstrom Rack if you want to go try on in person, because they go up to 14 and they group the shoes by size, so you don't go falling in love with something that only goes up to a 10. If they don't have the color you want in a given style, you can order it later, but you can at least get a feel for which brands tend to fit you best. They have events, too, where they bring in a whole bunch of shoes in large sizes and it's a tall-people-fest in there. I picked up these at the last one, if you're worried they might only have boring options.
Asda are brnging out more and more of their ranges in a 9, and Brantano have a good 9 selection. Online, you can try the shoe section of Simply Be.
I have a pair of bright red mary janes. They are Hush Puppies and I got them in TK Maxx, (TK Maxx is awesome!) Try Amazon, you might see them on there.

I'd also recommend Next Outlet, New Look Discount (they're new, there's one in Birmingham and they do shoes by SIZE, not style) and Evans.