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From Texas

rick_day in tall

Intro and a bonus

Your name: umm..*looks @ username*
Age-ish: old. Mid 50's
Occupation: owns multiple businesses
(sigh) How tall are you? in the morning 6'8" in the evening 6'7.25"
What are your favorite places to buy clothes? *snicker* Seriously, Ace Hardware. It's the only place I can find pants that fit. Ask me, and I'll elaborate.
What's the most fabulous thing about being tall? Why, I'll give you 11~

Top 10 Reasons Tall is Good

Written by: Catalogs.com Editorial Staff

October 5, 2011

There are lots of reasons why being tall is good. 

In fact, being tall is probably far more advantageous than being short.

Sometimes girls, in particular, are self-conscious if they get too tall too fast
and hover over the rest of their classmates, but in the future they will be glad they have that extra height.

The top 10 reasons that tall is good are:

10. Look good pregnant

A list of the top ten reasons tall is good

Taller women seem to look better when
pregnant than do their shorter counterparts
that don’t have much room for accommodating
their bundle of joy.

9. Hide hair loss

A list of the top ten reasons tall is good

People won’t be able to see the bald spot
on the top of your head. This bodes very well
for anyone who is suffering from hair loss
and would prefer that everyone not know it.

8. Reach things

A list of the top ten reasons tall is good

You can reach the upper shelf. You don’t require a step ladder.
You can be helpful to the half pints in the world and there are a lot of them.
They appreciate your stature.
You aren’t required to buy one of those grabber things that short people need
when they’re trying to get that cake pan on the top shelf.

7. Luck in love

A list of the top ten reasons tall is good

Women tend to like tall men so it may be
easier to get a date (and a future wife) if you are a tall man.
You know, tall (not short), dark and handsome.
Lots of men like tall women
and don’t mind looking up when
it comes time for that good-night kiss.
Tall women are very striking and noticeable.
They appear powerful as do tall men.

6. Seeing over people

A list of the top ten reasons tall is good

You can see over the heads of other people.
This is really good if you are in the back row at a concert
or in a church pew trying to see the bride and groom
or at the movies. You can see what’s going on
whereas the other people can only guess.

5. Get attention

A list of the top ten reasons tall is good

You do stand out in a crowd, which is good
as long as you’re not on the lam from the law.
It’s kind of hard not to see or notice a statuesque person.

4. Model potential

A list of the top ten reasons tall is good

You can become a fashion model.
Clothes are going to look very good on you, damn you.
Heidi Klum stands five-feet, nine inches.

3. Make money in sports

A list of the top ten reasons tall is good

You can join the NBA and get rich and famous
(if you are athletic and can play ball.)
Of course, there are a few height-challenged
players but most of the ones who become
super successes are nearly as tall as trees.

2. Get on the rides

One of the top ten reasons tall is good

You don’t have to worry about being
too short to ride the rides at an amusement park.
That’s a real bummer after standing in line for
two hours in blistering heat only to find out that
you’re not tall enough to get on the ride.
This mostly applies to children but there are
some very short adults as well.

1. Earning potential

A list of the top ten reasons tall is good

Being tall may make you wealthier.
Statistically, the average CEO is just a tad under six feet tall
even though the average American man is
five feet nines inches in height.
More than half of the CEOs in America stand over six feet tall
although only 14.5 percent of American men are more than six feet tall.
According to a business professor, being taller
earns you more money. Each inch of height earns you
$789 more in pay. That means the guy, who is 6 feet tall is
going to earn $5,525 more every year than the guy, who is five and-one-half-feet tall.

Feel free to play this ultimate Tall cool song while previewing the list. Consider this #11 why it is cool to be tall

shout outs to all current and former members of the Tall Texans Club


As a fellow Texan, I love your icon! And that's awesome, re: the 11 reasons for being tall. XD I'm only 5'9 (as a female), but I love my height.