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have2have in tall

Name: Rachel

Age: 27

Occupation: Transcriber

Height: 6'0

Clothes: I got really excited the other day at Target when I found jeans that covered my ankles. I bought them right away! Usually clothes shopping is a disappointment when pants and sleeves don't fit the way they should. It seems that most clothing manufacturers base their clothes on the standard height of womens. It's good for them, annoying for me.

Best thing about being tall? I can reach things that other people can't. It's come in handy at the supermarket, for myself and others. I used to work at a craft store and I was the only employee tall enough to reach the top shelves! And I don't have to crane my neck to kiss my husband, who is 6'1". :)


Thank you! :)
Great to see some activity on this comm again!


I only just found it, and didn't realise it was so inactive. It's a good place to vent for us tall ladies!
I never did understand why womens' pants aren't sized the way mens' are, with the length of the inseam clearly labelled on the tag...
It's really silly. I need at least a 34" inseam and that's a minimum. So it's confusing when pants are marked as either short, regular or tall. I need to know the length!
Especially when most clothing manufacturers seem to think that 32" is LONG!

(I live in Australia, and I have a 33.5" inseam. I have to buy mens jeans to get the 34" my ankles desire)
I definitely feel you on that. I much prefer a 36" inseam but you're right, most pants marked 'tall' are only about 32"! I have to hunt down the x-tall and that's no easy feat! I found some 34" jeans at Target a few days ago and I was so happy I bought them without even checking the price, lol!